Kristin Henry
Art, Code, Science


Daily sketches, drawn in ink.

Generative Art Seed, in D3

Generative art seed in d3.js, for workshop at d3Unconf 2017.

Data Cleaning Workshop

Workshop materials for data cleaning (and some data viz), for workshop at Demystifying AI Oct 2017.
code | slides

Data Art: Randy Rainbow

Whimsical Data Art project, tracking the growing success of comedian Randy Rainbow. Work-in-Progress.

Particle Stickers

Generative art in sticker-form.

Dangerous Artists

Generative protest art.
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Mapping San Francisco Parking Meters

Mapping with Leaflet and D3 (V4)
notes | code

Film Locations

Film locations in San Francisco, in D3.V4

Migrating to V4 of D3

Slides from presentation on migrating to version 4 of d3.js
article | slides

Particles in D3.V4

Particle System in v4 of d3.js


Data Art project for the NF2 Hackathon in San Francisco.
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Pie Charts

Data Visualization Article: In Defense of Pie Charts, and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them
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Charting Chem


Generative Art Coloring Pages

Adult coloring pages created with code, inspired by Chemistry.
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Sound map and art installation!

Neuro Art

Generative Art Nerve Patterns

Data Viz Brain Dump

Thoughts on Data Vizualization

Art Atomic Scarves

Wearable Generative Art. Created with code, inspired by Chemistry and Physics.
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Promo for Art Atomic Scarves

Wearable Generative Art. Created with code, inspired by Chemistry and Physics.

Code Sketching

Generative Art, from drawing prompts
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Generative Art, created with code, inspired by Chemistry.

Self-Drawing Code

Generative Art coded in Python

Mystic Rose Art

Generative Art with Mystic Rose math.

Mystic Rose Particles

Generative Art with Mystic Rose math.

Random Walk

Random walk on a grid.

Generative Stitches

Stop motion video of generative embroidery.

Particle Dance

Generative Animation, created with code, inspired by Chemistry.

Wandering Geometries

Random walk on a grid.

Poetry Color Stories

Data Art: using Character Frequencies in Poetry. Inspired by protein folding.


Data Art: Visualizing Proteins using Amino Acid Frequencies

Urban Data Challenge

Visualizing MUNI riders with R.

Self Organizing Map Gene Clustering

Searching for Endogenous Retroviral Proteins in the Mouse Genome.


A computer science study of daily noise pollution.

Particle Squares

Painting with particles, and code.

Generative Flowers

Geometric generative art.

GalaxyGoo's Cell Project

Building 3D models of cells, organelle by organelle, at the Maker Faire.


Premade organelles, for GalaxyGoo's Build a Cell project.

Cell Biology Embroidery

Cell Biology embroidery kits.

Cell Mandala Art

Generative Art with Cell organelle illustrations.

Color of Spam

Data Art using the IP addresses of spammers.

Animation for Adobe Gallery

My first continually running animated generative art piece.

New Masters Of Flash

My chapter...from a past life.

Neuromuscular Junction Simulation

Interactive animated simulation of the Neuromuscular Junction for Anatomy and Physiology students

Sticky Elemental Snow

Having fun with the Periodic Table of Elements....slightly Matrix inspired.

Periodic Table of Elements

Interactive visualization for Chemistry

Molecular Biology of HIV

Animation of the Molecular Biology of an HIV infection.