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An artistic exercise: generative art sketches, aproximately daily.

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Following prompts from an artistic group, I'm developing generative art sketches, approximately daily. The prompts are coming from a group of people who are actually sketching (not with code), so some may seem a little odd.

Since these are intended as purely creative, rough sketches, code quality may vary. My objective is to implement a visual idea, as quickly as I can.

What is a sketch? I see it as quick sketching with pencil, but getting the code down to generate an image


Prompt: "A cat experiencing snow for the first time."

Had to stop, and remind myself that I'm sketching here. Will have to come back to this one later. So much more I can do with it.

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Prompt: "Runway-ready dress on Jupiter, as imagined by someone on Earth in the 1950s"

I went abstract, visually, with this one. It's been a while since I calculated the points on a tilted ellipse, so I spent most of my time on this aspect of the sketch.

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Prompt: "Tarsiers, with or without caffeine"

In case you didn't know, tarsiers are very cute, and have huge eyes. I gave mine blue eyes, and a lot of friends.

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Prompt: "Disco wildlife"

A search of "disco" turned up a bunch of crazy disco dance floors, so that's what I focussed on for this one.

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Prompt: "The odd people in line, while you wait for coffee"

This one took me longer, as I was figuring out file access stuff. I drew several cartoon faces, and saved the facial features into seperate folders. Then recombined the into random faces. The positioning of the features are a bit rough, but then again, this is a sketch.

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Prompt: "At least four rainbows"

Once I got this prompt, the idea for doing all these sketches with code started forming. I did this with drawarc from PIL

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Prompt: "Happy trees"

This one inspired me to try coding something up with python and Python Image Library

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Prompt: "A Robot who ordered pizza and it came with the wrong toppings on it."

This was the first prompt, and I sketched it with a pencil on paper.